Fall Back November has arrived! 
So grateful that we have a bit more light in the morning! My father, whom some of you met at the changeover dinner, sent me an insightful anecdote on Indigenous Peoples Day last month when I was griping about the darkness when walking my Corgi, Mr. Beau Dascious. Offered by a revered Native American, “Only a white man can cut off the top of a blanket and attach it to the bottom of the blanket and think they have a longer blanket.”   
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The Murder Mystery Dinner was a fantastic time! Special Kudos to Jim, John and Lisa for making everything run so smoothly for our wonderful guests and handful of shenanigan players. For our next great time we’ll move to the Pub Crawl on November 12th.   Once you’ve recovered from a day of Thanksgiving feasting- don’t forget to visit our Rotary Tree at the 18th Annual Festival of Trees at the Saco Museum from November 25th through December 29th.
Speaking of December, Jenn and her team of elves have announced a Santa’s Workshop Theme for this years’ float so get your elf costume dusted off and buy up all the candy you can find because it’s shaping up to be another awesome time of fellowship and Community Awareness! 
And lest I forget, Jeff has registered the Saco Bay Frozen Beach Bombers to dip in the toasty ocean waters on January 1st at 10:30 am sharp. Whether you donate, cheer on the dippers or take the plunge yourself- we hope you find one part that touches your heart in support of our Special Olympians.
Until next time……………….  If I may quote Neal Maxwell… “We should certainly count our blessings but we should also make our blessings count!”
Shannon Kashinsky – President/ 2022-2023